Letter to the Editor

Streetwalkers Resume their Campaign Efforts

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Approximately 30 years ago a woman had a vision to better our community. From that vision the Streetwalkers were formed to collect donations to make the Fourth of July Fireworks bigger and better for Mountain Home and the surrounding communities. There have been many women who have walked the neighborhoods to make the fireworks a bigger and better show each and every year. 2020 brought COVID and tried to cut our legs out from underneath us, so our door-to-door campaign was shut down for the season.

The 2020 fireworks show was also cancelled due to concerns of the health and safety of our citizens. Things are better now, and it appears that Mountain Home is trying to reach out for the new normal post COVID. There are baby steps to be taken as the Streetwalkers are trying to slowly resume our commitment to keep our community fireworks the wonderful community event it has been in the past and strive to make it better and better every year. Normally the Streetwalkers begin our yearly campaign in March to cover the community with our door-to-door visits. This year we have been given the go ahead to start our campaign but with a short season of only the month of June to get our donations. As most of yu are aware this campaign is for the 2022 fireworks display. I have been told that the fireworks that were for the 2020 show were stored and we will have the show this year on the Fourth of July 2021!

This year the Streetwalker campaign will look different. We will walk some neighborhoods but cannot cover the entire area as in the past. You can reach out to any of the Streetwalkers that you know to donate to the cause. Also, you can text or call any of these phone numbers and give us your address and we will pick up your donations. Marianne 208-599-1837, Mae 850-803-0853, Alice 208-440-0258 or Steph 208-599-2408. Look for Streetwalkers to be at different locations in town and at community events that will be posted on Facebook. There are several places you can donate including, Jackson’s, City Hall and the Fire Station. A huge thanks goes out to everyone who has generously donated in the past and i am confident that this community will continue to make future fireworks the best ever!

Marianne Bate

Mountain Home