Publisher's Pen - Community Canvas

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Our community has reason to be proud and appreciative of the local Community Canvas. It has been recognized, not only locally, but beyond our borders to the entire state and beyond. The Canvas is a place for us to walk or drive and enjoy the visual art displays that are there.

I always take the opportunity to share it with my own family and friends that come to visit. Our local artists have spent their time, resources, energy, and imagination to express their talent with their eyes and hearts vision with a beautiful expression of talent. To those that have participated and made our town better, we thank you for all your efforts.

When the graffiti first happened, my thought as a parent, grand and great grandparent was "did we not teach our children that when itís not yours, donít touch it?"

To those that disrespect someone elseís property, know that they are quickly repaired and made whole again. Please be a part of the team of artists and ask to join in and legitimately participate. Be respectful and proud of what your capabilities are.

All the art has not only the artistsí - but also the viewerís interpretation. When we have vandalism to these pieces of art, we as a community take it personally and are disgusted and angry at those that desecrated them.

Our community has come together, yet again to show their support with a donation reward fund, in an attempt to identify and prosecute those responsible.

The City has offered a $150 reward and a personal donation by the Mayor for another $250 with Eric Tautfest adding yet again to increase the fund to $500.

What a charitable expression of our communityís determination to not allow this type of behavior in our city.

If you have any information that might lead to an arrest, please calls the Mountain Home Police Department at 208-587-2101.

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