Idaho is one of the states with high rates of increases in Covid-19

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Idaho has landed on national maps as one of the identified states that are reporting increasing numbers based on per capita calculations of population. This has landed us in the RED zone, so to speak, on Monday July 20th. Our numbers speak for themselves throughout the state as again for the third week our new daily reported COVID-19 cases are in the high three digit numbers.

Statistics reported are from the Idaho Division of Public Health, a website we continue to monitor and post daily if possible on our website. They have information relating to our state and county reported. We currently have rising numbers in both. Information gathered for this edition is from July 16 - July 19th, a four day span over the weekend reflected an increase in COVId-19 as it has become our new way of life. We continue to watch the news and statics and wonder if we have ALL the information and what is the source and is it correct, coming from the local, state, national and even global arena as we make our way through what many call a global pandemic and others call a politically charged hoax.

As of July 19th, Idaho was reporting 14,873 cases which was an increase of 2,428 in that four day period averaging over 600 new cases daily in that time frame. There have been 146,994 tested, 119 deaths as of the 19th, 600 in hospitals, 181 in ICU units and 882 health care workers

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