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Seniors have to choose

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Life decisions. Please choose ONLY one: A) Celebrating the past and all the hard work of education and school memories? B) Having to choose a scholastic path by attending an event that would provide scholarships? Many of us had the opportunity to go to prom, baseball playoffs, track and field, or debate competition. Yet as we know, no part of 2020 has been “normal” especially for the senior classes and graduates of 2020. Nevertheless, Idaho’s High School Rodeo Association has succeeded in meeting the rules and restrictions due to Covid-19 and plan to host a rodeo for such scholarship opportunity on May 22, 23, and 25th. This is a sign of hope and a symbol of the future for our children and community. The problem is, if the Mountain Home High School athletes attend the rodeo and look to their scholarship futures, they will be forced to miss their graduation, and all the memories of yesterday and the symbolic traditions of receiving their diplomas in front of those who supported them. Sadly, after multiple requests to add these 3 MHHS athletes to the morning session so they could make both memorable and significant life events (choice A and B), administration chose not to make accommodations. We must remind ourselves that despite the chaos this world pandemic has caused, we must look to healing and helping our neighbors first, including our 2020 graduates, even if it is inconvenient. Let’s be real, hasn’t all this been inconvenient? Congratulations to all 2020 graduates! May you receive ALL the choices you deserve.

Concerned Parent and Community Member,

Rachel Reynolds

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