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MHFD an outstanding group

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Fire Chief Mark Moore,

This is in response to your message in the Mtn. Home News. The MHFD members are an outstanding group of men and women who are unparalleled. Their commitment, dedication and drive are impressive. I have been fortunate to witness this group of people in action and as a team. The citizens of Mtn. Home and Elmore County are extremely fortunate to have a group that is “volunteer” to be our First Responders.

The reason I write this today, the Fire Department has been a well-run group. The past several years, it has declined. The past several months events have been shocking, in the past ‘personnel issues’ have not left the department and have been worked out. I agree, as a leader you will face tough decisions from time to time, that is the reality of it. However, it is the way you have made the tough decisions that has caused concern and questions have arisen, are you in the right position. You write “these critics are those who have made it their personal crusade to discredit us.” I disagree. I would say discredit the leadership not the group.

The letter the Mayor produced, and you agreed to disseminate was a shocking way to fix your personnel issues with some of the members on the department. The Fire Department is a crucial department, I hope you will learn how to communicate with your men and women. Communication is a key element to leadership, you cannot force respect by demand, it is earned.

To the Citizens of Mtn. Home, I echo Chief Moores words in that we have a committed group on the Mtn. Home Fire Department, and our community’s safety is the top priority.

Becky Garvey

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