City Council discusses Hazardous Waste Cleanup and begin looking at yearly budgets

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Mountain Home City Council met on the evening of May 11 for a regularly scheduled meeting. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic the staff of the Mountain Home News has been reporting on the meetings by taking advantage of the Facebook Live streams provided by the city. Unfortunately on this evening the council was having technical difficulties with that feed and weren’t able to get it up and running until part way through the meeting. According to the City they have taken care of this issue by switching over to streaming the meetings through a Youtube Channel, you can still reach those recordings by going through the City’s Facebook page. The following is what happened during the portion of the meeting we were able to view.

We picked up on the conversation with a discussion on the current lease at Kurly’s on the Green, whose yearly rent is up for negotiation. Because of current restrictions, Mayor Rich Sykes asked to keep the rent at the same lower price then raise it like the city had originally planned to do this year. There were mixed opinions on the subject with Councilman Daniel Brennan saying that she was still making money and using city owned equipment. He also felt that owner Brandy Knapp should have been there in person to ask the council herself.

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