Letter to the Editor

Tired of "new normal"

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

I for one am so tired of hearing that things will never go back to the way they were before, this is our new normal.

I will not be afraid to gather with friends and family.

I will not shop on the internet; I wish to support my community.

I will not wear my mask and gloves forever.

I will not use a bank with only a drive up window.

I will not always stand six foot away from you.

I will not believe everything that the so call experts say.

I will not give up the freedoms that were given to me by the sacrifices and lives of previous generations.

I will travel when I want and where I want.

I will see my grandkids at school, in their sporting events and their graduation.

I will see my doctor and dentist when it is convenient for me. And choose my own path fore treatment.

I will go to a salon, gym, restaurant, concert, bar and movie theater when I choose too.

I will support my local businesses who have sacrificed so much in the last two months.

I will worship in my church.

I will fight to support our Constitution and the Bill of Rights that were entrusted to me by our forefathers.

And I will celebrate on the day our country goes back to the old normal.

Ellen DuMars.

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