Letter to the Editor

Mayor Sykes should resign immediately

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

I have read the letter on "Last Chance Confidence Agreement" that Mayor RIch Sykes issued to the Mountain Home Fire Department. THis letter is viral on Facebook. This letter has caused the disruption in the Fire Department because of the Mayor's inability to talk this out. By giving this letter of ultimatums, he has caused an extreme issue for the continued safety for the department. Thus, with the safety downgraded, he has put our Citizens of Mountain Home at risk.

I have had a fire at my residence last May, and witnessed the true safety of the men working together.

I feel that Mayor RIch Sykes should resign immediately, and avoid the cost to the City of Mountain Home, a recall election that will be circulated soon.

We need a leader that can work smoothly with all city departments.

Thank You,

George M. (Bud) Adams

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