Letter to the Editor

Class of 2020 has already experienced enough heartache

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

To the Editor,

“This is the best year of your life” “Walking from one end of the stage is an ending and new beginning all in one.” These are two of the most common things I have heard since I was in the 7th grade. The Mountain Home Class of 2020 has experienced so much heartache starting our 7th grade year. We lost two classmates who were well known. Our class came together for that and made sure those two boys knew that they were loved and would never be forgotten. It was amazing to see my class come together and build the bond that we have. Yes, some of us may fight and argue but when it comes down to it we will always have each other's backs. Junior year we lost another classmate. She was one of a kind and very talented. This was another time that our class was there for each other. When someone asks me to describe my class I will always say Mountain Home Class of 2020 had a very rare bond, we loved each other like family, and we always had each other's back no matter what, and we were strong. We’ve been told our entire life that graduation is one of the most wonderful experiences. We don’t get to experience this, however. Instead we get to watch a slide show of our classmates and do a facebook live graduation, while other schools around us are just pushing their graduation back. We feel as if you have just given up on us. They say that they care and love each and every one of us, but none of us feel that. We feel lied to and treated like we don’t matter anymore. We’re no longer your problem after this. Everyone tells us that we need to stop being selfish and that we do not understand anything that is going on. The board of education has yet to show the Seniors that they care. The only reason we have had anything for the Class of 2020 is all Thanks to parents and members of our community! With that being said, I would like to Thank the parents that have been involved in trying to make up for what our school board has failed to give us and the members of the community for showing true love and support to the Mountain Home Class of 2020.


A would be graduate of MHHS

Abbigail Winings ‘20