Letter to the Editor

Valedictorian will remember graduation when itís time to vote

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

No one could have seen this coming. This was the pot slowly boiling over, noticed just a little too late. It starts as a blurb on the news and then ends in a crisis that locks people in their homes. There was no preparation, there was little warning. This was a shot in the dark and we were at the receiving end of an unattended trigger. We have no one to blame, no lamb for the slaughter, no convict for the jury, no head for the guillotine. This was an unfortunate act of nature, a moment of circumstance that is meant to humble us.

We have done what we can, as a people. We kept our distance, we limited ourselves, we gave our patience to this new concept of Ďsocial distancingí. This is a time that requires great effort, and great patience, for as with all things, this will soon pass.

There will be tolls to pay, as many of my fellow classmates have acknowledged that our final year of high school will be totally and utterly unique, and not in a positive light. Many have offered their condolences and some their adamant support, for which (and I think I can speak for everyone in saying this) we thank you.

For instance, our teachers have been tremendous in their transition to online school. With relatively few hiccups, they have managed to resume school with as much normalcy as they can possibly provide; they make the quarantine more bearable for many students.

They have put in their effort, and their patience.

So, where is the effort from our Board of Education?

Admittedly, Iím comparing apples to oranges here, how can I compare the low-level bureaucrats with the teachers who dedicate their lives to the well being of students? Obviously, they have it rough enough, why burden them with the complexities of scheduling a graduation a few months late? Itís simply not worth their time.

Besides, why should we expect more from our elected officials, that is, the School Board, during this time of crisis? They obviously had nothing to do with the spread of this disease, thus all their responsibility is waved for the year. Theyíve had such an accurate record with the other classesí graduations, I assume no one should care if they miss one.

I suppose the effort of creating a Facebook Live graduation is about the same, I presume you must click the mouse, what, seven times? Thatís astounding! Truly praise-worthy for the people in charge of Mountain Homeís youth!

The events of the past month have been a true test of character, we see the best and the worst of people. We should remember how much of a burden it was on them to expect a delayed, but otherwise normal graduation. I truly hope that the future voters of Mountain Home, myself included, remember just how much effort and care the current Board of Education took during this disaster.

Nathan Fontes


Classmate of 2020