Governor Little issues statement on news in Blaine County

Monday, March 23, 2020

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little issued the following statement after limited community spread was detected in Blaine County this afternoon.

“My office and members of my Corona virus Working Group are fully engaged with the South Central Public Health District, Blaine County Commissioners, and mayors in that area to ensure a strong response are in place. Our number one priority is to slow the spread of the virus in that community and outside of it. To ensure that happens, the director of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare will issue an isolation order for residents in the area. We are still working on the details, and residents will still have essential services available to them, such as access to grocery stores and, of course, healthcare. “I am firm in my commitment to making decisions in our corona virus planning and response based on science, not fear. Every step of the way, we have made decisions based on the best information and guidance from the CDC and our nation’s leaders, and we will continue to do so”

“I urge everyone to be even more vigilant of the preventative measures to slow the spread of corona virus. And most of all, I continue to urge Idahoans to take care of each other. Be mindful of our actions. Find someone you can help. We will get through this together.”

For Immediate March 22, 2020

Recently confirmed COVID-19 cases in Ada County indicate likely connection to Blaine County; Central District Health reports first Valley County case with connection to Blaine County travel Central District Health(CDH)is asking anyone with recent travel to Blaine County, Idaho in the past two weeks(March 8 through March 22) to shelter in place. This, after three Ada County residents and one Valley County resident tested positive for COVID-19, and confirmed travel and time spent in Blaine County. Sheltering in place is not an official mandate, but asks that people stay at home, except to get necessary medical care, monitor their symptoms, and avoid close contact with anyone for 14 days after their last potential exposure date. After that time, and provided individuals are completely symptom-free, then they can then follow recommendations CDH is providing to the general community for COVID-19. “While this is guidance, and not an official order, we are strongly urging any community members this applies to, to do the right thing. This also applies to anyone who has traveled to states or areas outside of Idaho that are currently under shelter in place orders or where there is widespread transmission of COVID-19,” said Russ Duke, District Director for Central District Health. “We all have a personal responsibility to do the right thing to protect ourselves, our community and the entire state of Idaho,” said Duke.