Downtown Revitalization Updates as of Oct. 4

Friday, September 27, 2019

World Class Crews

By now, you've probably noticed the construction crews along Main Street. We are entering the second month of construction and crews are moving at an incredible pace, meeting deadlines left and right. We want to give a shout out to Guho Corp for running the project in a way only they can. Their leadership and execution are second to none. It is because of their experience with past projects and fantastic staff that we have some of the best sub-contractors and crews working alongside of them. This project is monumental for Mountain Home and we are beyond thankful to have the opportunity to work with Guho, all the sub-contractors and other crews making it happen so seamlessly.

Sidewalk Demolition

Sidewalks along Main Street have begun the demolition phase, beginning with the first block between East Jackson Street and East 2nd North Street. The first block now has a temporary, ADA compliant, compacted gravel sidewalk 6 feet out from the building face. Crews have also finished the demo of the sidewalks to the curb and have separated the sections by an orange safety fence to delineate pedestrian walkways with work areas.

This week in the designated construction area of the demolished sidewalk, crews will begin trenching for streetlight power and landscape irrigation. The following week, October 14-18, concrete work will begin. At the time of concrete work, Guho will be coordinating with businesses for sidewalk placement. Sidewalk placement is scheduled to be complete by the first of November, depending on weather.

Major sidewalk demolition for the second block, between East 2nd North Street and American Legion is anticipated to begin on Monday, October 14. Prior to demolition, Guho will coordinate with businesses along this section.

Major sidewalk demolition for the third block, between American Legion and East 4th North Street, will tentatively begin the week of October 28.

Utility Work

Anytime you break the surface of infrastructure that's over 50 to 60 years of age, there are bound to be minor, and sometimes, major complications.

To prep for this project, Guho and our City Water Department dug deep (literally) to assess the situation in an effort to avoid as much conflict as possible. Inevitably, even with the weeks of pre-construction and planning, conflicts occurred. As conflicts arose, crews adapted without missing a beat to ensure the efficacy of the project and the timeline were not halted in their tracks and instead only saw a brief delay. Here is an updated timeline of upcoming utility work:

Intersection of Main Street and East 2nd North Street was reopened for through traffic on Friday, October 4.

Crews may need to close the intersection periodically for further work but will try to keep it open as much as possible. We will continue to do our best at keeping the public informed of these closures.

Intersection of Main Street and American Legion was originally anticipated to be reopen by October 14. However, due to conflicts, American Legion may need to be closed for an additional week. Crews have been working overtime to address any issues with a sense of urgency and will continue to do so in order to open up this major thoroughfare for the community. Please remain patient as crews work diligently to move the water main ahead of the storm drain and get new infrastructure in.

Intersection of Main Street and East 4th North Street will see utility work to begin the week of October 7. East 5th North Street will remain open during the American Legion closure.

The Imagine Mountain Home Committee is comprised of volunteers from our community who aim to help our inner beauty shine bright. One way they work to accomplish that is through the Beautification Grant. If your business is interested in doing permanent renovations to your building facade, such as a fresh coat of paint, awnings or artwork, you can apply for the Beautification Grant. With approval you could be reimbursed for 49 percent up to $500, of your project cost. The process is quick and easy! Pick up a packet at the Economic Development Office today or email us at

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