A busy bee indeed

Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Pick up a copy of this week's paper, then be on the look out for more Bumble Brad's throughout the pages before answering this week's poll question.

Busily flitting here, there and everywhere, it would be hard pressed to find someone who hasnít ran into University of Idaho Extension Office Educator Brad Stokes while he is out and about working on one of his many projects. Stokes has spent the last couple of years working with Elmore County, the cities of Mountain Home and Glenns Ferry to bring awareness to the plight of pollinators and humanityís dependence on them. From holding educational events such as Pollinator Awareness Day at the Farmers Market to handing out native plant seeds and showing off pollinating species at the Arbor Day celebration, he has gotten people of all ages interested in the subject. Through his help and dedication he has worked with the City of Mountain Home to help the city be named as members of Bee City USA and Monarch City USA and encouraged the passage of the Pollinator Protection Policy Resolution. The Mountain Home News staff would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all of his hard work on this subject. Save the Bees Please!

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