Letter to the Editor

William Murray will serve public well on school board

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear editor:

We have become aware that William Murray is running for the Mountain Home school board.

We lived in Mountain Home for 18 years and have had kids in school for that whole period.

Mountain Home is a great community, mainly because of the many wonderful people who live here, people who will get involved and have a desire to help one another.

William and Tara Murray are those kinds of people. They are parents and want what is best for their child and for others as well. We have watched them work with their daughter and know them to be wonderful parents.

They are kind and caring individuals. They also understand the importance of education. Both of them hold advanced degrees and follow a path of continuing education, going to schools and seminars on a regular basis. They own a home in the community and have made it their home.

William wants to serve on the school board, I believe for selfless reasons. He has no hidden agenda, but wants to see our schools continue in excellence and where possible to become better.

I believe he would represent the Mountain Home community very well in this endeavor. Because they have children in the school system, they also have a vested interest. This gives them added credibility.

We support William Murray in his bid to serve on the school board and encourage you to do the same.

Garth and Carolyn Waddoups