Mountain Home Public Library Board Meeting - May 4, 2022

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Library Director Shasta Hochstrasser was talking about the design of the metal roof details, what was decided were stainless bolts. They would like to stay with Hunter Green and everything is moving forward.

The position was filled for the part time administrative job by the summer intern so she will know the job, which reduces training. Hoping to start June 1st. It looks like the Library will be offering video games but not checking out the consoles. The cost for losing a game in library fees could be close to $80.00 and mentioned that only as a heads up. The budget is set this year but open to offering video games but would like to keep them educational and was said that education is complex and you never know where it can come from. Even games like Halo, World of Warcraft you can learn strategy. Just as an example. If they don’t have a movie, book or game Hochstrasser said “if the patrons want it we get it for them”. As a potential policy they are looking at keeping the game ratings at “safe for teens”. If there were a large request they can source from other libraries.

With the recent bill HB 666 which amends a law about giving harmful materials to minors. They are opening up for video games, movies and book donations. Families can put a block on the content through the website on their account.

Shasta mentioned what’s happening with the Library in Emmett and “Let’s not re-create the wheel, let the patrons guide our next steps.

Jessica had game night and had 14 show up.

The Internet Access issue is concluded and the board is happy with the results of the negotiation. They were able to take advantage of the state broadband reimbursement program. The board is looking at forming a 501 (c) Non-Profit as it pertains to the Lynx Consortium behavioral and annual review testing. The reason for this according to Shasta is they would like a direct connection with the source rather than having to go through Boise. They will be completing a cost feasibility to see if it is financially viable and what employees would be necessary. There are many pros and cons but at this point just researching it.

She recently completed a grant but the solar companies (providers) are not getting back with her after many attempts. The library wants it as an additional power source so the teens can create their own web apps. Bianca and Jessica are taking the summer reading program on the road and have talked to 4 different schools. The theme for the reading program is called “Ocean of Possibilities”

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