Letter to the Editor

Boycott China

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Interested in leveling the playing field with China? I damn sure am. I intend to advocate boycotting MADE IN CHINA. I will refuse to purchase anything that is manufactured or produced by this wicked country that lack integrity. Even if I like an item, and or price, I will inform retailers why I refuse to purchase.

Stop and think how China has compromised our health, ministries, businesses and families. I have already begun my campaign by contacting personal friends across our nation; Florida, Arizona, Texas etc. They have made a commitment to boycott and intend to spread the word.

I believe China’s mission statement is: “We’re going to stick it to you, America!”

I have done so much with so little for so long, that now I can do anything with nothing.

God Bless America, land that I love!

Rhonda O’Hanley