Letter to the Editor

Seniors deserve to be celebrated

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Dear Stephanie,

As a senior at Mountain Home High School, I am constantly overwhelmed with a sense of disappointment. I feel let down and robbed of opportunities, as I know a lot of my classmates do as well. Seniors everywhere have lost our final sport seasons, proms, graduations, and everything in between. There were better ways graduation could've been set up. Rescheduling the graduation ceremony, or at least trying to, would've been a much better option. It feels like every time us seniors have been given even the smallest amount of hope, the rug has just been pulled out from under us, time and time again. Our parents are the ones working to try and create new memories for us, but it shouldn't be all on them. Seeing all of the surrounding schools honor their seniors, but not ours hurts and makes it feel like we're not worth being celebrated. But that is not the case. The Mountain Home senior class of 2020 deserves to be celebrated. We deserve to have the graduation that we have worked so hard for these last twelve years. We did not deserve to be given up on the way that we have been.

Thank you for your time,

Taylor Springer