Banter Box: waste of 20 years

Posted by B Mullen on Sun, Oct 1, 2017, at 6:44 AM:

If you read the article on how the City and Base entered into a lease agreement for the rail think about this. According to the office of Economic Development, they spent 20 years on this effort in an attempt to entice more industries to our town. But in that 20 years how many business closed down and what did that office do to prevent or slow that down? Look at how long the Hub Clothing building has been empty and now Charlie's Place is closed. I saw a plan where the city had ideas of a splash park and other "improvements" to downtown but those closed off streets, reduced parking and would create more traffic issues from my point of view and many others. Maybe it is time for the City to hire a full-time, trained Community Planner and not a party organizer as that is what I think the Economic Development office has turned into.

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