Banter Box: Misinformation

Posted by outatown on Thu, Sep 21, 2017, at 11:15 AM:

I must disagree with the report that City departments are Stagnate. This is totally false and just another way to spread hate and discontent. There are many people who work for the City, work hard and go unnoticed. They come to work, take pride in what they do and each day in their own way make the City a better place for all. There may be people who work for the City who either do not want to climb the corporate ladder, or are just not supervisor material. This does not mean that they are not great employees. There may be others who wish to someday be the department supervisor, in this case there are routes already in place for them to get there. The statement that the City departments are Stagnate should be very offensive to each and every City employee! Maybe with a little research before hand, the author of this story would have found this out and it would have been a non issue.

Response by Jenna Crowe, Editor, Mountain Home News:
I can understand your frustrations, and I assure you that me and my staff are currently working on following up with City Council members. I would like to stress that in no way did the comment of stagnation suggest that hard-working city employees aren't great employees simply because they may not have interest in leaving their current position. As you are entitled to express your opinions, so are the city councilmen. If you have other concerns about comments made at the last City Council meeting, I encourage you to attend the Sept. 25 meeting.

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