Banter Box: I84 Exit 90 warning not accurate

Posted by B Mullen on Thu, Jul 27, 2017, at 11:59 AM:

I shared the warning posted on here with others and someone pointed out it was not accurate. I went to IDT site and found the following:

Construction on the I-84 Business Loop outside Mountain Home continues and will move to the westbound on- and off-ramps for Interstate 84 at Exit 90.

The complete rebuild of the ramps is expected to start Monday, July 24. Crews will be working during the day so the traveling public is advised to use caution while driving in the project zone. Construction on this section is expected to last three weeks.

During this time, the westbound off-ramp will be closed to traffic. Vehicles wider than 11 feet will not be allowed on the westbound on-ramp. Detours will be in place and all traffic is advised to use Exit 95. The speed limit will also be reduced to 45 mph.

I would have hoped that the staff would have researched this warning before putting it out. Lesson learned.

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    And for those that missed it, the Westbound OFF ramp is closed with width restrictions on the Eastbound ON ramp.

    -- Posted by B Mullen on Thu, Jul 27, 2017, at 12:50 PM
    Response by Brenda Fincher, Publisher, Mountain Home News:
    Thank you for the additional info you found. We were going off a personal short email from ITD that was not as complete as what you found on their website and misunderstood. I will have them follow up in the morning and update info that we receive. Sorry for the confusion and we will do our very best to be as accurate as possible and apologize for any error we might make. Thank you, B
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    And in such a bold yellow-highlighted banner across the top of their website too. Guess all the folk can do is drive out there and see for themselves. Can't trust this rag to get it right.

    -- Posted by ??ReallyPeople on Thu, Jul 27, 2017, at 12:52 PM
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    Figured that would be the type of answer. FYI the information I found was posted on 19 July so it was out before the construction. Only took a few minutes of fact checking. Lost my trust.

    -- Posted by B Mullen on Thu, Jul 27, 2017, at 5:37 PM

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