Reflect with Gratitude

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The time of year has come again where we are given the opportunity to sit around the table with our loved ones and (hopefully) enjoy their company. Maybe it is the cold weather, or maybe it is the fact that the sun goes down before we have had lunch; no matter the cause, one thing is certain; this is a special time of year.

All told, Thanksgiving is a truly special and important holiday. Sure a turkey might not be as cute at the Easter Bunny, and you wouldn’t hear me complain if the Turkeys came as big as ole’ St. Nick, but what other bird could challenge us to reflect on what we are most grateful for? (My sincerest congratulations to the first of you that can trace a hand Flamingo).

In all seriousness, Thanksgiving is truly unique and arguably our most necessary holiday. It is perhaps more important than ever for us to take the time to ponder and appreciate the things in our lives that we take for granted. All too often in this world plagued by inflation, divisive politics (pro tip: do NOT bring this one up at dinner), what seems like never-ending work, and a literal pandemic, we can be quick to overlook the small and seemingly insignificant things, and even the people that play integral parts in our lives.

Paint me sentimental, but I would argue that it’s the small things (your pet, your favorite barista, a good morning text from a loved one, listening to your favorite radio station on your way to work, settling in at night with an episode of your favorite television series, “insert your own here:) and the friends, family, coworkers and even kind strangers, are the most important pieces of our day to day lives. There is nothing greater to do while surrounded by hardships, than recognize the things, and moreover the people, that make life sweeter.

So as you reflect with gratitude this Thanksgiving, make sure to share your gratitude and pay it forward - we all could use a little bit extra during this crazy year. Give what you can, help who you can, and spread kindness when you can (new flash - that’s 24/7)!

And of course, from us to our readers and advertisers - whether your feasting on a plump turkey or a juicy flamingo - a great big thank you.

From your Mountain Home News

Happy Thanksgiving!

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