In My Opinion....

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Since it is my belief that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Iím going to state mine and I assure you, it is not political in nature in any way.

I understand that everyone has the right to vote, feel, choose etc any way they want. My problem is with some of the items that people choose to express their opinions.

Everyday I drive to work and look over and see F... Biden flags. Whether in the window, flying over the home or on the back of their cars. Iím not offended by that, but I am concerned about what it says to our youngsters - the ones too young to know about the world (but can read and repeat a word that they normally are not permitted to do in their homes or schools) and what it says to our teens that will one day be voting and expressing their opinions.

Are we teaching them that its ok to disrespect our leaders and government because we donít like something? Shouldnít we be teaching them to become the leaders that we would be proud to have running our country?

As I said earlier, you have the right to your opinion. Iím just asking you to consider, before placing certain items in your windows or in public, the young children who see it everyday. They donít understand the significance of your patriotism and I myself am having a hard time explaining to children why some people feel the need to express themselves in this way. It just makes it hard as parents to teach children about respect for their country and the need for them not to use words that I feel are inappropriate for children to be using.