Letter to the Editor

Letter To The Editor

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Thank You Swearingens

Hello, I am writing to thank the Earl Swearingen Real Estate owner Mr and Mrs Swearingen for their support kindness and guidance to a young 18 year old Airman with the Air Force. He gave me a job prepping new houses. His wife hired me to do heavier work around their home.

Mrs Swearingen was so very supportive to me and my young family at that time. When working she always included me at the dinner table with her two sons. I think there were two boys. I remember, I think she introduced me to peanut butter and bacon sandwiches.

What ever... it was good. She always gave me good family advice.

This is especially important because my race/ethnicity never came into question with them. I donít ever remember it ever being discussed or mentioned.

As a training consultant I frequently share that story during my trainings and how it helped my view on race relations.

One thing I do remember was I was experiencing some slight tooth pain. She told me to go to the dental clinic on the base and they would help ease that pain. Now I didnít know that but I just didnít know. Well it was good that I went because they did a reasonable amount of work on me. I know that might sound like it was no big deal. But as a 18 or 19 year old teen 2500 miles from home it was a big deal and help to me and my family there in Mountain Home Idaho.

I think Mr Swearingen got me a few more other jobs there.

I donít know if they are still living there or how old their children are but I want to say A BIG THANKS for a young AA teen from Sharon Pa. Since I was 19 at that time the boys were about 5. I am now 79 so they might be 64 or 65. I just want to say Thanks.