County Commissioners Meeting September 17, 2021

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

On Friday, Sept. 17th the Elmore County Commissioners held a regularly scheduled meeting. During the meeting, Judge Fleming suggested to the Commissioners that they needed to get a collection agency involved the to help the county with the collection of past due amounts and fees.

Prosecuting Attorney Daniel Page confirmed that the county was currently looking into getting a large collection agency to assist with all the departments instead of each department having their own.

The County Commissioners approved a proposal by Sheriff Mike Hollinshead to add a shed on Sheriff Department property for additional equipment storage.

Hollinshead along with Alan Roberts, Director of Emergency Services, proposed the purchase of Cradle Point software to update the Ambulance mapping and CAD systems, which are in the patrol and emergency service vehicles.

They were asked to bring more information, at a later date, to the Commissioners on how the new systems would benefit the county.

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