Elmore County Sends Letter of Support to Governor

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

On June 15th, the Elmore County Commissioners held a special session to sign a letter that will eventually help to gain funding for water projects in Elmore County. Recently, the State of Idaho received 1.2 billion dollars to fund various projects, but the state treasury has taken a very narrow view of what these funds can be applied for. The prioritization of “drinking water” projects leaves little room for irrigation projects, which would increase water security, which would increase the amount of potable water available to the public.

The narrow view of funding is counter-intuitive. Governor Little has sent a letter to request a broader view for the applications of this funding so the money can go towards irrigation projects like the Anderson Dam raise, the pipeline to Little Camas, and recharging the Mountain Home Aquifer. The Elmore County Commissioners met to sign a letter voicing their support for the Governor’s action, and to provide a “real-life” example of how a broader view of funding could benefit communities.

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