Letter to the Editor

Who took the long arm?

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

To the Citizens of Elmore County and the Western Elmore Recreation District;

There has been a lot of controversy over the long arm quilting machine that the Recreational District bought for the Healing Hearts sewing group and the way that came about. This all happened before I became involved with the group. Our sewing group has really utilized and enjoyed doing all the donation items we have given away.

We have given lots of quilts, pillow cases, baby blankets, placemats, and animal pillows. These items went to V.A., Domestic Violence, Senior Center, St. Lukes Pediatric Oncology Department, animal shelters, and individual people in Mtn. Home.

We have really used the quilting machine and it has been a blessing to us. I like to think we did a great job and helped a lot of people!

We just lost the area where we had been sewing but have a smaller area that is working fine and in the same building in the Recreation Building. We were told we could stay here where it was and probably until next October (2021). A group of us are sewing there every Tuesday, trying to get quilts and items ready for Christmas.

We went to sew on Dec. 8th and the long arm quilting machine was gone!!!! There was a quilt on the frame from the week before and 3 quilts were brought in that day to be quilted. No machine!

A couple of the ladies had wanted to sell the machine and said there would be sealed bids, we never had any discussion about this with our group, no advertising, no closing date for bids, nothing. We didnít have to move the machine, could leave it right were it was, no need to do anything different. Our group thought everything was fine, we di not have to do anything with the machine just use and enjoy! We still donít know where the machine is or what happened to it! In talking to the Rec. Center, they do not know either.

We had the machine scheduled into January and two ladies were learning how to run it. How sad!

What a horrible injustice has been done to our quilting group and also the community!

If indeed the machine was sold, then the money should be returned to the Western Elmore Recreation District.

The present quilters at the Rec. Center

Reva L. Carlock,