ITD addresses new turn lanes on American Legion BLVD. during City Council meeting

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Mountain Home City Council met on the evening of June 8. During that meeting Carl Malone of the Idaho Transportation Department was on hand to discuss the turn lane on American Legion Boulevard between Walmart and the built City View Drive. Since the placement of the turn lane that includes a cement median, that disallows a left hand turn from Walmart, has caused concern amongst citizens and visitors alike. One of the biggest issues so far is that the parking lot at Walmart is often used by truck drivers who are trying to get back to Interstate 84. Confusion over this has caused concern amongst citizens over traffic backups and safety. Though much of these concerns and anger have been directed towards the city, the project actually belongs to ITD and is part of a larger four phase plan that has been presented to the public through open houses over the past couple of years.

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