Publisher's Pen: Exercise your right to vote

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Next week we will have the Presidential Primary Election results on Tuesday, March 10th after the March 11th issue of the Mountain Home News is published. We encourage you to exercise your right to vote. Included in this week’s paper are the sample ballots in the legal section, along with the polling places.

The Idaho Republican, Democratic, and Constitution parties are all holding primaries this year. The Democratic Party held caucuses in 2016, but decided to switch to a primary this time around.

According to your official sample ballots for Elmore County, the Republican ballot will have six names on it, 17 Democrats will be on the ballot, and the Constitution Party has six candidates on its primary ballot. Many of the candidates have dropped out of the race, but appear on the ballot because they did not file official withdrawal paperwork with the Secretary of State's Office by the January 17th deadline. We do not have the list of those dropped/dropping out of the races as we saw as of Monday it was still happening. Please attempt to be informed this week prior to heading to the polling booths for your respective party.

Who can vote in which presidential primary?

*In the Republican presidential primary only registered Republicans can vote. It is a closed primary.

*In the Democratic presidential primary, registered Democrats and unaffiliated voters can cast ballots. Unaffiliated means you're not a member of any party. You are an independent.

*In the Constitution Party, registered Constitution Party members and unaffiliated voters can take part.

Glenns Ferry Joint School District # 192 has a nonpartisan ballot “To Levy a Supplemental Levy”. This will be available for voters in the Glenns Ferry Joint School District which includes: Glenns Ferry, Hammett and King Hill.

This election year we encourage you to be informed so that you may participate in each of the elections dates we will see this year. We will attempt to attend any political forums that involve all candidates invited and report on the questions and their answers. We each have a vested interest in our community leaders on the local, state and national levels. Be there, use your voice and let your votes be counted.