Letter to the Editor

Scout sees a need for a stoplight

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Dear Ms. Root,

Hi my name is Zane Richins. I am twelve years old and I go to the Junior High. I am a Star Scout in Troop 175. I am also a member of the 4-H Rifle and Archery Clubs.

I think that there should be a traffic light at American Legion and 14th Street. If you look up 14th you see the Junior High and if you look across American Legion you see a lot of neighborhoods back there. All of the kids that go to the Junior High have to walk to the light near Hacker Middle School, or they have to cross at American Legion and 14th where there is a crosswalk. It is risky using the crosswalk because there are only those little lights on the sign. When people are just getting up, they aren't really aware and looking for the lights. If there was a traffic light there, the parents that are driving don't have to worry about getting across the street and not getting hit or having their kids get hit. It would make it a lot safer not just for kids, but for adults also. Even cars that try to get across the street will be able to, because they know there is a chance to get across. I really think there should be one for the safety of the kids and it would make the parents or guardians feel a lot safer with them walking to the Junior High. If you don't mind taking this into consideration, I would really like it to be done for the safety of the kids.

I am sending you a copy of this letter that I sent to both the Mayor and Mr. Schipani of the City Council. This is for a Scout Project.


Zane Richins