City Council gets updates from Guho Corp. on downtown plan

Friday, September 6, 2019

On Aug. 26, the City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting. Once Mayor Rich Sykes established a quorum he asked if anyone in the audience wanted to address the Council and no one came forward. There were no Council comments as well.

Council Bundy moved that the consent agenda be approved, this motion was unanimously approved by the Council.

For old business the discussion/decision the letter received from John Spurny regarding temporary RV living permits was addressed. Per Council comments, the letter was asking to keep a residential neighborhood just that. The time period of the RV being used in a residential neighborhood is currently at 14 days, but the letter is asking to drop it to seven days. Councilman Daniel Brennan suggested to allow the Mayor to decide on whether an RV being lived in could be extended to 14 days or until the next Council meeting. The first 96 hours is fine but once the 97-hour hits enforcement can be taken. The best way to go about family being in town and living in their RV for seven days would be to go and get a permit. The Council agreed upon a seven-day limitation being extended by a building official until a wavier can be considered by the City Council at the next Council meeting. Councilman Brennan asked the Council about charging a fee for the paperwork that would need to be done by the City workers, this was also brought up in the letter. The Mayor suggested basing the fee on how long it takes to file the paperwork. City Clerk, Nina Patterson, said since this would be a new fee there would need to be a public hearing and she could bring the information to the next meeting.

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