Mosquitos are the talk of the town

Saturday, August 31, 2019
Steve Williams, Elmore County Pest Abatement works in the field. (photo by Brad Stokes U of I extension)

Because of the high level of mosquito related comments in Mountain Home Brad Stokes, University of Idaho Elmore Extension Office Educator, went out surveying with Steve Williams, Pest Abatement District - Elmore County; 208-598-5124, near the Junior High School area late last week. They set up traps and Steve identified these mosquitoes as Ochlerotatus nigromaculis, which is a day-biting mosquito species. He showed me his West Nile Virus testing equipment in his lab as well. This specific species is NOT a known vector of West Nile Virus and is almost certainly the species that is biting everybody by the Junior High & High School, this species is also a voracious biter. I would recommend using a mosquito repellent with DEET as the active ingredient if you will have youth playing sports in that specific area (as always - READ AND FOLLOW ALL PESTICIDE LABELS BEFORE USE). Brad Stokes - UI Extension Elmore County (208-590-2286)

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