Letter to the Editor


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

To the Editor

Today Mr Stanley Scott was laid to rest and it saddens me that nothing has been written about this great man of Mountain Home ID. I believe a great injustice has been done. What he had done for the city of Mountain Home and the way he had such a great effect on the people that were blessed to have known him. Personally I’m a huge John Wayne fan and he was like our own version. He was a man with the kindest heart and if you would show yourself to be good, strong and kind person he would treat you with respect and would stand up for you if needed.

My personal experience is with my family. We had never had a very good father figure. Mr Scott came along and treated my brother and my nephews like a father and grandfather would. That was the greatest gift he could’ve ever given.

I just think he and his life story would make a very good human interest story. He gave this town too much to not have something said about him and his life.

Thank you

Lynn Banducci