Letter to the Editor

Reader wants taxpayers to vote on projects

Friday, May 24, 2019

The City Council is elected to run our city by the people of Mountain Home and to spend our tax payers money to better our city.

But when they spend it in foolishness it is time that the people should stand up for their rights.

The URA and City Council want to promote sustainable economic development and community enhancements on North 2nd East Street.

This is without being voted on, without the people of Mountain Home and the taxpayers, the money man! Cost of this could be in millions of dollars. And the businessmen, how long will they lose on their money flow?

The taxpayer, they foot the bill one more time for our city council or our Western Elmore County Recreation District spending our tax money for something that was not voted on by the people.

This sounds like something out of the pages of Obama's book.

Yes, in 1996 we voted on taxes to build a recreation building and a swimming pool. None!

Well some way they lost around the sum of two million dollars and now they need five million to start to rebuild the money they lost and we have no building, but we have the lot on 18th Street that cost over two hundred thousand that is in the area of wet land!

More taxpayers money!

No streets worked on no water pipes worked on and no sewer pipes worked on! No new jobs to build our community, no new industry, but the City Council will say we have the cheese factory, this is why we pay taxes for the golf course and a new water system that at first they didn't know how to put in. This cost the tax payers more money.

But you don't need to worry we will get a grant! At 20% taxpayers cost.

Oh, I forgot the name for the Hub Plaza came from Alan Bermensolo, he owns the Hub.

Thank you,

Joe Bier

Editor's Note: Though I want to give our readers the freedom to express their concerns and opinions I want to take a moment to clarify a couple of statements. Alan Bermensolo does not, and has not, owned the Hub building or the parking lot where the plaza will be located. Currently the Hub is owned by the URA, which Bermensolo is a part of, and was previously owned by the Roberts family.

Secondly, while some grants require the recipient to provide some type of matching fund, that is not always the case and the amount that needs to be guaranteed varies for each grant.