Commissioners discuss county SILDS program, GF DMV and the 2020 Census

Saturday, May 18, 2019

On May 10th the Elmore County Commissioners met and discussed their agenda for the week. Sheriff Mike Hollinshead started by giving his report on how he has been working on the SEALS program with Deb Ireland and Ralph Blount. Deb Ireland already has a contract with Idaho Department of Transportation (IDT), which Sheriff Hollinshead was trying to get for the Sheriff’s Department. Commissioner Wes Wootan asked Sheriff Hollinshead if the SEALS program was about out of money, Commissioner Bud Corbus answered by stating they have been using the SEALS program account to get people out doing the work with Deb Ireland. Sheriff Hollinshead then stated that the Sheriff’s Department would be be inspecting the vehicle that Deb Ireland uses for adequate lighting. The Sheriff Department has a trailer with a porta-potty to be used when the SEALS program is on the Interstate. According to Ireland , Sheriff Hollinshead also stated that Deb Ireland was given vests, signage and trash bags from the State. Sheriff Hollinshead ended with he will make sure the vehicles and trailer are well lit and safe. He would also like Deb Ireland to sit down with the Judges and work on the SEALS program to get more participants to help the program. Bud Corbus asked Sheriff Hollinshead if he plans on working on roads other than the State hwys, such as Canyon Creek Rd, due to the trash along that road. Sheriff Hollinshead stated he can start working on roads inside the county now and there will be an upcoming meeting to fine tune the process of this program to focus on areas other than I84.

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editor's note: Where you see SEALS it should say SILDS. Sorry for any confusion.

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