The end of the school year

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I cannot believe we are in the last week of school already. This isnít going to be one of those oh no, my baby is growing up editorials, but more of a look back at my goals for us when this year started.

This was going to be the year I kept it all together. The year where everything ran perfectly and my children looked impeccable every day.

This year I was going to be up early every morning and wake my children up to a hot homemade breakfast, but in the end there were mornings where we grabbed something at the gas station or ate a muffin and a piece of fruit. At the beginning of this year I was going to make all of their baked goods by scratch, but most of those muffins ended up coming from the grocery store.

This was the year that each school lunch would be filled with nothing, but the best options. I did pretty good at that at the beginning of the year, but after awhile I got sick of most of those items coming back home at the end of the day, so those veggie and humus wraps soon gave way to plain old pb&j sandwiches, a green apple, and some crackers. Truthfully there were many days I told him to just grab lunch at school.

This was also the year that there was going to be a clear line between school clothes and play clothes and I wasnít going to let my little one just rotate through the same five or six shirts he really likes, neglecting the rest. Well today I can tell you that he is wearing the same button up shirt he wore last Thursday, its washed so, oh well. He is also wearing his favorite sneakers, the same sneakers he wore into the water at Strike on Motherís Day. Oops.

This was the year where we were going to have a well stocked homework station where everything they could possibly need would be right at hand. I can tell you now, at least once a week, I am hunting through the house for a pencil and daddy usually has to pull out his pocket knife to sharpen it. This year my nine year old was going to be in bed relaxing and reading books every night by 8:30 p.m., there are many nights of the week where our busy schedules have us eating dinner at that time.

This was going to be the year, but it wasnít and thatís okay. Iím a Mariners fan and after years of heartache in October there is one thing I am an expert at saying: thereís always next year.

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