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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

As I read Stephanie’s editorial last week I had to reflect back with her and that time a year ago and now. Most importantly I would like to say Happy Work Anniversary in your Managing Editor position. You earned it. I remember the conversation we had. For me it was just time to believe in someone and take that leap of faith. I had watched all along your dedication to your community by covering assignments and providing your reporter stories the last several months. You took to the position with no hesitation, ran with it, were never afraid to ask questions as Joy (which was another hero in this immediate transition) taught you the workings of Macs and paper pagination and made the position yours. You have grown and learned so much this last year, integrated yourself into the community as its papers editor and I am proud of every step you have taken. I thank your family for all the evenings, weekends and last minute chaos that comes with working at a newspaper. What I would like to say is “you got this woman” and keep up the great work, I admire your confidence and keep learning as you go forward and Thank You for being you.

I have done a lot of hiring over the years and I am grateful for those I have here as staff as they are a dedicated group of individuals that understand team work. Not only do they work in this community but their lives are here, some raising families and some enjoying being grandparents. Thank you all for what you do on a daily basis. Thank You Stephanie, Joy, Peggy, Mike, Nikki, Amber and Kerry. You are all an important piece of our network.

Thank you to our advertisers and readers/subscribers. You are what support our business daily.

Brenda M Fincher


Mountain Home News

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