Significant donation made to Search and Rescue

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Mountain Home Elk’s Lodge recently made a donation to Elmore County Search and Rescue of over $6,000 worth of equipment. The funding to purchase this equipment came from a Grant that the local lodge was awarded by the Elks Grand Lodge, and the local Mountain Home Elks Lodge members.

Elmore County Search & Rescue (SAR), is a non-profit agency and the only funds they have for their projects are from fundraiser or donation from local businesses. Some of their gear had become outdated and in need of an upgrade or replaced. The team is an all-volunteer team that does not get paid for the services they proved. We were awarded an the Elks National Foundation grant of $3,500 and our lodge then raised $2,500 to provide them with the much needed equipment and allow them to provide an even better service to the community as well as the State of Idaho. “The equipment they use can be very expensive, so in the past they have had to prioritize the equipment they purchase from time to time on a highest need list that is reviewed according to the calls they receive for service. The Lodge was able to assist and provide many items on their list this year. Last year they had 48 life or death call outs with over 3000 volunteer hours.”

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