Election Results!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the statewide races this is the results for Elmore County only. Check with the regional news sources for the overall results for these races.

Election day 2018 has came to a close for Elmore County and the ballots have been counted. 7098 citizens voted in Elmore County.

These are the unofficial results for Elmore County.

In the race for Representative in Congress for the Second District Elmore County voted for Mike Simpson who received 4933 votes. His opponent Aaron Swisher received 1991 votes.

In the Governor's race Elmore County voted for Brad Little with 4582 votes. Paulette Jordan received 2253 votes, Bev "Angel" Boeck received 87 votes and Walter L. Bayes received 109.

For Lieutenant Governor Elmore County voted for Janice McGeachin who received 4633 votes and Kristin Collum received 2299 votes.

Lawerence E. Denney received the most votes for Secretary of State with 4799 and his opponent Jill Humble received 2090.

Brandon D. woolf received 5867 votes for State Controller

In the race for State Treasurer Julie A. Ellsworth received 5854 votes.

Elmore County voters chose Lawrence Wasden for the Idaho Attorney General with 4916 votes and Bruce S. Bistline received 1938 votes.

Sherri Ybarra received the most votes for Superintendent of Public Instruction with 4298 votes and Cindy Wilson received 2640 votes.

Bert Brackett was voted for as State Senator for Legislative District 23 by Elmore County with 5758 votes.

Christy Zito received 5823 votes for State Representative Seat A for Legislative District 23.

Megan Blanksma received 5773 votes in the race for State Representative Seat B for Legislative District 23 and write-in candidate Tony Ullrich received 256 votes.

Elmore County voted for Franklin "Bud" Corbus to retain his seat as County Commissioner for the First District with 5856 votes.

Elmore County voted for Albert Hofer to retain his seat as County Commissioner for the Third District with 5779 votes.

Shelley Essl received 5924 votes to become Clerk of the District Court.

Amber Sloan received 5972 votes in the race for County Treasurer.

Josh Dison received 5946 votes in the race for County Assessor.

Jerry L. Rost received 6185 votes in the race for County Coroner.

Voters in Elmore County voted for Judge Theodore J. Fleming to retain his position as magistrate of the Fourth Judicial District with 5397 people voting yes and 777 voting no.

Proposition One- an initiative authorizing historical horse racing at certain locations where live or simulcast horse racing occurs and allocating revenue therefrom-received 3884 votes saying yes and 3093 votes saying no.

Proposition Two-an initiative to provide that the state shall amend its state plan to expand Medicaid eligibility to certain persons-received 4081 votes saying yes and 2894 voting no.

THe results will become official after being canvased by County Commissioners at the Commissioners meeting on Friday Nov. 9.

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