Letter to the Editor

Reader urges recreationists to clean up or stay home

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Dear Editor,

To the great outdoor persons. You Slobs!! This letter of protest is directed to you. You who leave a trail of fishing line. Plastic worm containers, fish egg jars, beer cans, pop cans and pop bottles and wine bottles, and fish hook wrappers and potato chip bags and cigarette butts and matches and Styrofoam cups and plates, stoves, mattresses, clothes and batteries, tires and even disposable diapers!!!

Do you think the streams, rivers, brooks and lakes and ocean beaches or the cities and their streets, parks and empty lots are your personal garbage land fill? Many miles have I walked this great land and the lack of reverence for it is unacceptable. Do you have a conscience or is your mentality too shallow? You inconsiderate slobs!! Not even enough consideration to bury those golden brown turds you've left basting in the hot son to stench the next visitor. Is it really so hard to dig a small hole and bury your state of mind?

Come on folks, wake up! Our earth needs attention. It's really inconsiderate of you to leave the planet this way. Some people prefer to go barefoot too! But you've seen to it they won't, since you prefer to break every bottle you see. I could go on and on, but I really believe you don't give a dang! I know I'm not alone on this issue. You don't deserve this beautiful planet, so why don't you just stay home and litter your own back yard!!!

James Loris

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