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Make Recreation a Priority

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Dear Editor: Well, it's a year later and I was considering what has changed in the Pine Featherville area.

On the positive side: We didn't have any major fires and there wasn't any flooding like last year. We had a nice, wet, cool spring and it's beautiful up here. Kudos to Rick & Tim for keeping the garbage picked up at Johnson Bridge. Kudos to the gals who planted and keep watering the planters at the cemetery. Thanks to all who help keep our valley beautiful.

On the negative side: There's still a lot that needs to change.

1. The boat docks at Curlew are still laying in the parking lot. Come on, they belong in the water!

2. Dog Creek Campground is still closed, for 5 years! But there still might be hope. Just yesterday the Forest Service was cutting up a green tree that fell across the road. We were told last year that Dog Creek was scheduled to be re-opened, but the funds were diverted because of the flooding. Hmmmówonder where that went?

3. Elks Flat Campground still has 4 sites that are closed. Two of them have been closed for several years. So, if its because of trees that need to be cut down for safety concerns-do it! If it can't be done in the spring because the woodcutters have to be re-certified, then do it in the fall! That's a no-brainer.

4. The Old Logging road is still closed. Hearsay is reporting that a grant has been awarded to fix it. Or at least open it up for the ATV's so we can stay off the pavement for those 4 miles.

5. Last, but not least, the Pine Bridge is still out. Sigh!!! God willing and the bull trout don't rise we hope it will be done by winter. This sure has adversely affected the businesses up here.

Suggestions: Make our area a recreation area and not just a forest management plan. We ARE a recreation area and should be treated as such. Make the changes in policy setting and budgeting that would make recreation a priority!

Ask: How can we accommodate the public better instead of seeming to want to keep the public out?

We can use more docks around Anderson Dam. We need more outhouses up and down the river, especially in high use areas. We need more campsites available in dispersed areasónot less. A dump station for RV's would be fantastic!! The Pine Snow park area would be ideal. Sure it costs a lot, but start seeking the funding and looking to do it would be a start.

Thanks for hearing me out. We love this valley and want to make it better.

Sue Fish,


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