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Reader wants barrier

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I have lived in MH for 39 years about one mile from RT.84. With the increase of tractor trailers so is the LOUD tire noise. I donít complain much but itís out of hand. Itís so annoying. The exhaust baffling around the main exit reverberates terribly. Need to shut the windows in order for reasonable quite. The speed for trucks should be reduced to 65MPH from the exit to exit which will reduce the annoying truck tire noise. Even Boise had truck sound barrier and reduced speeds from Micron to Nampa. The City and County Commissioners need to work this noise pollution issue. Notice the trucks parking in town at Railroad Park sure in the way of the flea & farmers market so much for enforcing ordinances. We are loosing our quality of life in these areaís . Maybe if enough people complain things like these can be corrected

Tom Westall

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