Letter to the Editor

Problems in local schools go beyond soda pop signs

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dear editor,

This is a short response to Alan Gregory's letter to the editor (Jan. 18 Mountain Home News). I wouldn't get too upset about soda pop signs outside of a school, Mr. Gregory.

Did you read my letter as well, that was printed next to yours? During occasional visits with grand kids, I hear things that they have obviously picked up in school which are clearly not a part of the old "3 R's."

Before you moved out here from Vermont, there was a push for more school levies that never really seem to address these "continued leaking roofs," and they actually had our kids and grand kids out there driving around the streets in cars, signs in windows and kids shilling on behalf of the administrations.

Basically, the kids were being used for political purposes, the way a street corner beggar might use a dog for added sympathy. Everybody who lived here saw it.

God isn't allowed in schools anymore, the Pledge of Allegiance is under siege in many American schools along with American flag T-shirts because they might "offend" somebody, and political rhetoric is spreading throughout all grade levels ever so gradually so that it might not become too obvious.

Mr. Gregory, I could park my car in front of Hacker (or any other school) with a Trump sign on the back window, and it would be just as visible as those pop signs you're complaining about.

If you've got kids or grandkids in school, I'd be a lot more concerned about what they're learning and reading inside than what might be outside.

-- Mike Bradbury, Mountain Home