Letter to the Editor

Some drivers are real jerks

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I was incredibly proud of my town that I love so much when we all pulled together to dig each other out following last week's winter snow storm. I saw my neighbors helping shovel out driveways and sidewalks to help out their older neighbors.

I heard similar stories of random acts of kindness in other parts of town.

Once the snow started to melt, however, what I saw disappointed me. I saw multiple instances where drivers deliberately splashed icy water at school kids as they walked to and from school. You might think that these incidents involved teenagers drivers, but many of the cars I saw do this were driven by grown adults.

Those responsible might think it was funny to splash people walking on the sidewalks, but until you have to go to school or walk home in soaked socks and wet underpants, you can't imagine how miserable these children feel.

Yes, we got hit hard with snow, but the streets department did an amazing job clearing much of it. Now we have to deal with the melting and flooding that naturally comes after an nearly 18-inch snow fall.

Just hang in there, and please be the decent, wonderful residents you have shown yourself to be, especially to the littlest citizens among us.