Letter to the Editor

Trump will make U.S. great

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Any field medic worth his salt will tell you that the first step in treating the wounded is to stop the bleeding. With the $20 trillion debt Trump is inheriting from the "most transparent administration in history," defunding sanctuary cities is a good first step.

We go from there to the "One-World-Order" United Nations. I have publicly preached for years now that we need to get out of the U.N. and kick them out of our country.

The U.N. is no longer the "humanitarian" concept it began life as. We have always picked up the lion's share of its operating cost while it has steadily become a haven for terrorist nations.

You might recall that during the 9/11 attack, the U.N. Building wasn't on the target list. There's an obviously good reason for that.

But there's one other we need to cut that nobody talks about. We need to stop college grants and any other tax-funded help to any university that has transcended from a learning institution to a "political indoctrination center."

Good folks don't take out second mortgages on homes to send their kids to be brain-washed by socialist professors.

Remember Jay Leno's "Jaywalking?" Ever seen "Watter's World?" Both segments illustrate just how poorly our children understand what's happening in our country and around the world.

Here's something to remember: Our kids are gonna be running things in a number of years. Ever watched some of them trying to count back your change when you're dining out or shopping?

We really need to be concerned about what's being taught in our schools, and it's not just the universities under assault from the left anymore, but the high schools and grammar grades as well where history tends to get twisted and sometimes conveniently omitted.

In the sixth grade of 1959, I wasn't being taught that our country was inherently evil and arrogant, everyone else was a "victim," and it was perfectly normal to have two parents of the same sex. Too many millions of tax dollars are being used to subsidize perversion as well as constitutional treason.

Well guys like Trump get to be guys like Trump because they understand efficiency, "bang for the buck," while not carrying dead weight and not squandering funds on useless garbage. If he can't get it done, maybe I'll run for the office myself in 2020.

-- Mike Bradbury,

Mountain Home