Letter to the Editor

WECRD can build rec center

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dear editor,

It was interesting to read some people have come to the conclusion that the Western Elmore County Recreation District can never financially feasibly support an indoor recreation facility. First, it has to be given the chance, and with over $3 million dollars in the account, it can get started.

It was beginning to take shape until the last election of the current board members. It wasn't "painfully obvious to stop that horrible building." The people who voted for the board members that were elected have been at numerous WECRD meetings and stated they did not want the building stopped.

There were 1,436 votes for Art Nelson and 1,496 votes for Judy Mayne in the last election. Those who voted for a recreation building numbered 2,824. The community wants a recreation building and can support it.

Some of the projects the WECRD is considering are part of recreation, but a building needs to come first. That is what the majority of us voted for.

People need to let the WECRD board know what they want done with their tax dollars. The district's phone number is 208-580-2377, the address is 255 East 6th South in Mountain Home, or go on there web site and let them know where you want you WECRD tax dollars to go.

You might let the Mountain Home city council also know since the WECRD seems to be funneling a lot of the funds to city projects, not WECRD projects.

The next WECRD meeting is scheduled for Jan. 18 at 5:30 p.m. But that date can change at the WECRD board's discretion (it is supposed to be posted 48 hours in advance).

Thank you, everyone, who will respond and let the WECRD board members, Art Nelson, Judy Mayne and Connie Clark know where you want your WECRD dollars to go.

-- Vivian Meyer, Mountain Home