Grass carp helping clear Mtn Home's sewage ponds

Saturday, October 24, 2015
City public works employees rigged up a slide to plant 300 grass carp into the city's waste water lagoon. The grass carp can eat up to 200 percent of their weight in aquatic weeds each day. The city has been using this weed control method since 2003.The last time fish were planted in the lagoon, city employees had to form a bucket brigade down to the water. Last week's planting went much smoother when city crews used a piece of the pond lining to build the makeshift slide.

by Tim Bondy

Mountain Home News

The city public works department is using fish to control aquatic weeds in its waste water lagoons for the past 13 years.

Last week, 300 grass carp were added to the city's waste water lagoon system to further cut down on the problems associated with weeds.

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