Letter to the Editor

Person's figures incorrect

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A few weeks ago, an individual submitted a letter to the editor wanting to dissolve the Rec District. She is entitled to her opinion; however, her figures were grossly misleading.

In the letter, she stated that the WECRD has paid the YMCA $330,000 over a period of four years. The actual payments in those four years amounted to just over $145,000. She also stated that projected revenue for the WECRD is $340,000 when in fact the tax revenue alone is projected at over $460,000 for the coming fiscal year. She implied that the WECRD would need to increase its tax levy.

This cannot happen. The state sets the maximum levy rate that each type of district may claim, and the WECRD cannot exceed the limit assigned to it. No district can change its maximum levy rate at will.

The amount of tax the property owner pays to the WECRD may vary according to the assessment of the property and the total property values in the district, but the .0006 maximum levy rate of the WECRD cannot increase.

My concern is that there is a lot of misinformation circulating. I strongly suggest that people go to the WECRD office and get the correct information rather than accept hearsay.

-- Judy Erwin, Bruneau