Letter to the Editor

It's not guns

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dear editor:

Blame it on the guns? I don't think so. First let's look at Hollywood. What do I see coming out of this cesspool? Decadent, derelict, demoralizing violence, perversion, all matter of gamma ray brain washing.

The word subliminal comes to mind. TV has come a long way in spreading its long arm of mind control, from the nightly programmed and biased media, to the hideously revolting videos.

Have you responsible parents even bothered to check out what your children are being subjected to via the internet or video games? I'm seeing subliminal messages and the constant pounding of primitive music, if you can call it music, and words of aggression being pounded into our children. Is it any wonder there is so much adversity? Not just children either, adults are not free from this. I can't help think that all this mass shooting stuff has been carefully orchestrated and planned, by the men in the shadows for the sole purpose of world domination. They would stoop at nothing, even murdering a few children, to further their agenda. It's all happened before, the spirit is the same throughout history, only the props have changed and the faces.

Look at what happened to Guatemala, and the people of El Salvador, or the Jews in WW II, just to name a few. Once you give your right to protect yourself, you might wind up running for your life.

Beware of the power of suggestion, subliminal mind control, and the constant bombardment of negative images coming from these electric demons we call "tele"- vision, and video, and the internet.

These things are very real. These factions of deceit and treachery are lurking in the shadows just waiting for you to let down your guard.

-- James Loris, Bruneau