customers beware if you smoke on demeyer furn property

Saturday, November 17, 2012

a few days ago a young man who is just starting out in life and who was working for demeyer furn in mountain home. he stepped outside to have a cigerette, and because he was on co. property he was fired. this is the most discriminatory and stupid rule i,ve ever heard.when things like this can happen in this country it,s no wonder we in the trouble that we are in.there is no compassion anymore, just punishment. so if you are a customer of demeyer furn i wouldn,t drive on their property. you might get fired from buying any thing pretty stupid isn,t it. both my wife and i will never buy from that store. we are seniors and we will be passing this story along to our freinds ,and we do not smoke.but we also do not discriminate either.