Letter to the Editor

Bickle congratulates Wills; explains why she ran

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear editor:

I would like to congratulate my opponent, Representative Rich Wills, on his victory and re-election to House seat A, District 23. You have my best regards and sincerest wishes for a productive session.

I ran because I felt the Republican Party had become too radical.

Democracy works best when there are choices and debate. The process of opposition is designed to keep the government centered.

The closed primary and "the pledge" to the platform the Republican party ask all of it's candidates to sign are examples of my concern.

Shouldn't the candidates pledge themselves to the people, not the party? If a Republican, like Tim Corder, makes a decision based on his own moral code and with concern for the district and the people he represents, should he expect to be flushed out of office on a tidal wave of special-interest cash?

Idaho is a true "Red State." I love democracy and I respect the choice of the people. I admire those who make the sacrifices necessary to represent us and do the work of the people. Loyalty to one's party makes sense only when the people pay attention and question what the party is doing.

A free pass to a candidate because he or she has a D or an R attached to their name is a prescription for blind power. We have become a country of extremes and gridlock. We need to pull the cart back to the center of the road. If we allow either party to pull to the extreme right or left we will continue to end up in a ditch. My thanks to the people who supported me and allowed me to participate in the debate. Representative Wills, it was a pleasure.

-- Jody Bickle, Oasis